The Golden Rules Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is a great activity for people who want to get on the water. If you are thinking about paddle boarding, there are some golden rules that you need to know about. These rules will help you paddleboard more effectively and ensure that you enjoy your time on the board.

Engage The Core Muscles

The first rule to paddle boarding is to engage your core muscles. This will help you to paddle more effectively and ensure that you can spend longer on the water. When you know how to use your muscles correctly, you will also be better prepared for any challenging conditions.

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To use your core muscles, you will need to rotate the hips and shoulders when you paddle. When you wind up like this, you will be using your core muscles for each paddle stroke instead of just the arms. When you only use your arms, you will tire faster and will not have the control over the board that you actually need. This paddling will use the major muscles groups in the body which makes paddling safer and easier for a prolonged period of time.

It is important to note that it will take a while to get used to this movement. The first few times you head out, you might have to remind yourself to move in this way. Paddling with a trainer or guide is recommended because they will be able to correct any mistakes in your technique.

Wear A Life Jacket And Leash

The second rule you need to follow is to always wear a life jacket and leash while paddle boarding. The life jacket is something that you need to have as the US Coast Guard views paddleboards as a vessel and you should also have a whistle on hand. If you are not a strong swimmer, it is recommended that you use a buoyant life jacket which will keep you afloat when you are in trouble.

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If you do not know which life jacket to use, there are a number of paddle specific models on the market. These life jackets have been designed to be comfortable to wear and do not restrict your movements while you paddle. If you are a strong swimmer, you should look at an inflatable life jacket. The most common inflatable life jacket used by paddle boarders will actually be a belt around the waist which can easily inflate when needed.

The leash is important because it tethers you to the paddleboard. The only time you might not want to wear your leash is when you are paddling whitewater rapids. In other situations, being attached to your board can be very helpful because you will not believe how quickly you can be separated from the board when you fall off.

Know Where To Go

The last rule that you need to know is to understand where you should be paddle boarding. The best places for beginners to stand up paddle board will be sheltered areas. These areas should be away from the wind and waves with a good launching and landing point. You should also look for areas with a minimum amount of boat traffic.

Only experienced stand up paddle boarders should look at heading to the waves and where there is wind. You will also need to be a confident swimmer when doing this because you will have to fight the movement of the water.

There are a number of rules that you need to know when it comes to stand up paddleboarding. These rules will ensure that you are safe and able to stay out on the water for longer.

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