Exploring 5 of America’s Most Beautiful Places to Go Paddle Boarding

The United States is full of beautiful places that’ll make you take a step back and appreciate life. If you love paddle boarding and you want to see some of the beauty in this country, then you’ve got to check out these 5 most beautiful places to go paddle boarding!

Paddle boarding is a fantastic way to get in some “you” time, hang out with friends or enjoy all the beauty water and land offer.

Whether you’re an avid paddle boarder or someone new to the sport, the United States offers so many spectacular locations where paddle boarding is the perfect way to spend your day. But which are the best?

It’s time to find out.

Do you want to see Earth’s beauty from your board and experience everything an area has to offer? If so, check out our list of the top five places to go paddle boarding in the US.

Why Try It?

If you are not the athletic type and you’re afraid you’ll fall into the cold water, rest easy. Anyone can learn stand-up paddle boarding in a matter of an hour, and you can always paddle while sitting.

Doing it is a relaxing way to enjoy the water, explore and be one with nature. That’s why it’s become so popular.

Believe it or not, you’ll exercise all the muscles in your body without realizing it.

The Best 5 Places to Go Paddle Boarding in the US

From the tropical island of Hawaii to the cold waters of Alaska, our list has a variety of geographical locations and prospects that are sure to entice paddle boarders of all levels.

1. Kauai, Hawaii

Hanalei River is the ideal matchup for any stand-up paddle board (SUP) beginners. The river is gentle and smooth year round, offering still waters from which viewers can enjoy all of Hawaii’s beautiful sights.

The river begins on the slopes of Mount Waialeale, ending in the crescent-shaped Hanalei Bay. The winding waterway flows along Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge, where visitors are not allowed to enter.

The Refuge is a sanctuary for several endangered waterbirds, such as the Hawaiian stilt and the Hawaiian goose. Consequently, you’ll be able to enjoy the preserved nature and wildlife the Refuge offers.

Paddle Boarding Hawaii.

Pass under the Hanalei Bridge, the only way to enter Hanalei Town or the northernmost reaches of Kauai. If you happen to be in Hawaii, this is one of the most relaxing paddle board experiences you can find.

When you’re done, head out to the ocean for some amazing views of underwater life and coral.

2. Mirror Lake, Utah

So named because of the water that reflects the Uinta Mountains in which it rests, Mirror Lake sits at 10,400 feet.

The area offers tons of hiking trails that connect to smaller lakes, such as Bonnie Lake, Scudder Lake, and Natural Basin. All boarders have to do is take an inflatable SUP to enjoy all the views Mirror Lake and the surrounding area have to offer.

The lake has several advantages. Firstly, during the sweltering summer months, the weather is cooler. Secondly, motored water vehicles aren’t allowed, so you won’t have to listen to the annoying hum of engines.

Finally, the sheer abundance of activities the Mirror Lake Highway offers is extraordinary. Viewers can travel to the Fairy Forest, hike the trails and stop for a bite to eat at local diners, such as Hi-Mountain Drug and the Train Place.

Your adventures will reveal breathtaking views of Tenaya Canyon, Mount Natkins, Washington Column and more.

3. Alaska

Do you want to see whales? Seals? Glaciers?

Then it’s time to take your paddle boarding to Alaska. It may sound cold, but boarders usually suit up with proper attire to ensure they aren’t chilly. Many inland lakes won’t even require the extra layers during the summer.

Twin Lakes lies in Lake Clark National Park, which is rife with recreational activities. Paddle boarders can watch brown bears catch salmon, fish in their spare time, and check out volcanoes and ice-capped mountains.

Eklutna, which is 22 miles from Anchorage, also offers its fair share to paddle boarders. It’s a glacial lake surrounded by paths and campsites. Stay for a week in the summer to explore the various plant life via horseback.

Kenai Lake is another popular destination for recreational activities. Sit or stand on your paddle board to take in everything the 5,590-hectare lake has to offer. Then hightail it to the four trails that lead to different destinations.

This state may not seem like a paddle board destination, but you can’t go wrong with any of its lakes and rivers.

4. Dewey Beach, Delaware

If you want a bit of everything, Dewey Beach offers it. Paddle board the waters by day to watch dolphins playing in the waters along the Atlantic coast or try your hand at parasailing. When you’re finished, stop along the beach for some shopping and souvenirs.

Explore the coastal salt marshes when you’re tired, then get back on the water to make the Taco Toss happy hour at The Lighthouse. When the sun falls and your paddle board retires for the evening, enjoy the bayside nightclubs.

Dewey Beach also offers festivals teaming with merriment for holidays.

5. Lake Tahoe, California

Ready for superbly clear waters? It’s time to visit Lake Tahoe, one of the largest alpine lakes in the world. The grassy shores, snowy mountains, and famed blue water make it the perfect paddle board getaway.

If you’re around the area, be sure to paddle your way through D.L. Bliss State Park, which is on Lake Tahoe’s southwest side. The water here is some of the prettiest in the area, and the sights are beautiful. You’ll see the Rubicon Trail’s cliffs, Calawee Cove Beach and the Old Lighthouse.

If you’re up for a long journey, make your way from the park to Emerald Bay for some calm waters before landing on Fannette Island. Explore the old teahouse that sits at the top of the island before heading over to the castle Vikingsholm.

Still not tired? Travel to Cave Rock, a unique formation where boarders can discover the tunnels and coves.

Lake Tahoe is a must-visit for anyone who loves paddle boarding.

Paddle Towards Freedom

The list of places to go paddle boarding in the US is long, but these are five of the top destinations for anyone searching for a bit of adventure.

Regardless of your expertise level, this activity offers something to everyone.

Are you new to the paddle boarding world? If so, read our article to get all the inside tips on stand-up paddle boarding.

Now, go out there and adventure.

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